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Titan XC Videos

Learn more about Titan XC, a biocatalyst for dry fertilizers, in these short videos.

We Will Treat Every Acre

Titan XC makes dry fertilizer more available to crops, helping growers get more out of the fertilizer they've paid for. "We will treat every acre of fertilizer on our corn and soybeans with Titan. We may use less fertilizer, but our Titan use will not go down," says John Kraft, who farms in Illinois.

More Essential Than Ever

When fertilizer prices are high, Titan XC is is more essential than ever. "It makes that fertilizer more available immediately. So I'm seeing lower use rates, but I'm getting more available to my crop immediately, which in turn saves me money on the amount of fertilizer I have to apply every year," says Illinois farmer John Kraft. "Are we seeing a yield increase because of this? Absolutely."

Everything Is Put Out with Titan XC on It

"Everything is put out with Titan on it," says Illinois farmer Matthew Plumer. "I know by putting it on with the Radiate, Accomplish and Extract...you put them together and we see some amazing results. The plant is bigger, healthier, taller, fuller."

Farmers Know

How do you get the most from your dry fertilizer? Farmers know. "A product that we have been using for 10 years plus is Titan on our fertilizer. It proved itself many years ago." Hear how Titan XC is helping these farmers "Grow Farther."

Pulling Its Weight

Is your dry fertilizer pulling its weight? Titan XC helps your dry fertilizer get out of the field and into your plants, so your crops thrive, your yields increase and your investment is safe.

Why Farmers Turn to Titan XC

You need to get the most out of every pound of dry fertilizer you apply, especially when input prices are high. That's why farmers turn to Titan XC. It gets more nutrients from dry fertilizer into the plant, which is just where they need to go.

Fertilizer Breakdown with Titan XC

Treating dry fertilizer with Titan XC accelerates prill breakdown for rapid nutrient release and improved nutrient uptake by crops. This time-lapse video shows how quickly Titan XC works to break down 9-23-30, 11-52-0 and MESZ fertilizers. 

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