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Titan XC Videos

Learn more about Titan XC, a biocatalyst for dry fertilizers, in these short videos.

HubSpot Video

Reliable ROI

Ron Calhoun, PhD, of Loveland Products explains how Titan XC can deliver reliable ROI across various soils, genetics, cultural practices and geographies. Every acre of Titan XC-treated tons is another acre where growers can realize improved agronomics and profitability.

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Access Your Nutrition

Titan XC is a fertilizer biocatalyst designed to help get the most out of your applied dry fertilizer. Titan XC can be applied with your phosphorus and potash in the spring or fall. Titan XC has a proven track record of performance over a range of geographies, genetics and management systems.

HubSpot Video

Fertilizer Breakdown with Titan XC

Treating dry fertilizer with Titan XC accelerates prill breakdown for rapid nutrient release and improved nutrient uptake by crops. This time-lapse video shows how quickly Titan XC works to break down 9-23-30, 11-52-0 and MESZ fertilizers.