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Titan XC Videos

Learn more about Titan XC, a biocatalyst for dry fertilizers, in these short videos.

Corn Grower Don Stall Talks Plant Nutrition & Fertilizer Efficiency

Don Stall talks about how he maintains a balanced plant nutrition program and how using Titan XC on his dry fertilizer helps increase his fertilizer efficiency. Don, who farms in Michigan, was the back-to-back winner of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) 2017 & 2018 corn yield contest in the irrigated corn category.

Published April 4, 2015

Fertilizer Breakdown with Titan XC

Treating dry fertilizer with Titan XC accelerates prill breakdown for rapid nutrient release and improved nutrient uptake by crops. This time-lapse video shows how quickly Titan XC works to break down 9-23-30, 11-52-0 and MESZ fertilizers. 

Published April 4, 2015