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Webinars: On Demand

Watch Agricen's selection of on-demand webinars for ways to enhance plant health and improve plant performance throughout the season.

09-23-Webinar-archiveHow to Enhance Dry Fertilizer Efficiency to Maximize Yield & ROI

During "How to Enhance Dry Fertilizer Efficiency to Maximize Yield & ROI," you'll learn how to enhance the efficiency of your fall dry fertilizer application, what you can do to improve nutrient recovery after applying P and K fertilizers and how to increase yield and ROI in any crop production system with Titan XC on your dry fertilizer blend.

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05-23-webinar-archiveIntroducing Terramar: A New Way to Help Row Crops Stand Up to Stress

During "Introducing Terramar: A New Way to Help Row Crops Stand Up to Stress," you'll hear how Terramar improves crop tolerance to abiotic stresses while enhancing nutrient uptake, why Terramar is a good fit for any row crop program, including corn, soybean and wheat, and details about application timing, trial results and more.

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01-23-Early-Season-Opp-landing-pageEarly Season Opportunities to Enhance Plant Nutrition & Health

During "Early Season Opportunities to Enhance Plant Nutrition & Health," you'll learn how Accomplish MAX and Extract PBA can enhance spring fertility programs to help you maximize crop yield and ROI. Accomplish MAX enhances nutrient availability from banded starter fertilizer blends while protecting the developing crop from abiotic stress, while Extract PBA helps with conversion or recycling of residual nutrients in the soil or in surface crop residues.

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09-22-CropLife-webinar-archive-1How to Make Your Dry Fertilizer Work Harder and Go Farther

With high fertilizer costs, growers need to make the most of every nutrient they apply. "How to Make Your Dry Fertilizer Work Harder and Go Farther" will tell you why the amount of fertilizer you apply doesn't always equate to the amount of fertility available to your crop and how next-generation technology can enhance your dry fertilizer program for better nutrient availability and uptake in the spring.

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05-22-UAN-Sidedress-webinar-on-demandHow to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields

During "How to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields," you'll learn how to improve the efficiency and efficacy of UAN sidedress applications and how incorporating Extract PBA and Blackmax 22 technologies into sidedress applications can ensure that applied nitrogen is available during peak crop demand.

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Crop-Stresses-webinar-landing-pageMinimizing Crop Stresses for Increased Yields

During "Minimizing Crop Stresses for Increased Yields," you'll learn how Accomplish MAX can help your crops succeed with "More Nutrients, Less Stress," why this combination of proven biochemistry and cutting-edge kelp technology provides significant agronomic benefits, and how Accomplish MAX has performed in recent corn, soybean and cotton trials.

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03-20-Extract-webinar-landing-pageMaximizing Corn Yields with Extract PBA

During "Maximizing Corn Yields with Extract PBA," you'll learn about the benefits of using Extract Powered by Accomplish® in a broadcast application with a corn pre-emerge herbicide or liquid UAN. You'll hear how Extract PBA can increase nutrient release in the soil to help maximize corn yields (including in continuous corn and corn/soybean rotation practices) and why you should consider using Extract PBA as a management tool for fallow syndrome on prevent plant acres.

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01-20-Kelp-webinar-landing-page-publicOvercoming Crop Stress & Improving Crop Quality with Kelp Science Innovations

During "Overcoming Crop Stress and Improving Crop Quality with Kelp Science Innovations," you'll learn more about what kelp technologies are, why they can play an important role in agricultural production and how Maritime®, a new kelp technology, can improve crop quality and abiotic stress tolerance.

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02-16-webinar-lawn_plain-1New Ideas For Growing Happy Lawns and Healthy Customers

In "New Ideas For Growing Healthy Lawns and Happy Customers," you'll learn more about NutriLife and SoilLife, sustainable fertilizer biocatalysts for turf and ornamental applications. Find out how NutriLife and SoilLife increase nutrient availability and improve plant performance to help you grow healthier lawns.

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