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Agriculture Products - Terramarâ„¢


TERRAMAR (0-0-4), available from Loveland Products/Nutrien Ag Solutions, is a highly soluble combination of biologically extracted kelp and biologically extracted leonardite (a carbon source) that can be used by growers to augment a balanced crop nutrition system.

TERRAMAR may improve both soil and plant health by maximizing the availability of critical elements and mineral nutrients, stimulating the soil microbiome, improving plant growth and aiding plant response during periods of stress.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases nutrient uptake while enhancing cation exchange capacity and chelation
  • Delivers unique metabolic compounds to enhance microbial activity in the rhizosphere
  • Improves crop tolerance to abiotic stress

Product Features:

  • Can be easily tank mixed with crop inputs like herbicides, fertilizers or other crop protection chemistries
  • Highly soluble, homogenous and flowable product with no suspended solids

Learn more by browsing the resources below. A formulation for specialty crops, Terramar (0-0-2), is also available in select locations.


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Terramar Corn Soybean Study



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