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Agriculture Products - TERRAMARâ„¢


TERRAMAR, available from Loveland Products/Nutrien Ag Solutions, is a highly soluble combination of biologically converted kelp and leonardite (a carbon source) that can be used by growers to augment a balanced crop nutrition system.

Intended for foliar use in row crops, TERRAMAR delivers increased nutrient uptake and enhanced stress mitigation, which can optimize plant health and contribute to enhanced yield.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances nutrient uptake and provides key carbon derivatives for additional energy to optimize plant performance
  • Improves crop tolerance to abiotic stressors such as heat, drought, cold and salt

Product Features:

  • Foliar applications deliver a unique set of highly active, metabolite-based compounds for quicker absorption through the leaf tissue of the plant
  • Compatible with key crop inputs, including liquid fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, for maximum application flexibility

Learn more by browsing the resources below. TERRAMAR is also available for use in specialty crops.


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Terramar Corn Soybean Study






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