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Agricen TV - Featured Ag Videos

Watch our featured videos to learn more about Agricen, our plant health technologies and the growers who are using our products to improve plant health, performance and yields.


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A Religious Experience

American farmers talk about farming, family and what drives them every day. "The reward is the lifestyle. I produce something that's tangible...and I see my efforts paying off. When you harvest and the yields are big, it's very satisfying," says Michigan farmer Don Stall.

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The Plant Is Secondary

Soil health is the foundation of a successful crop. These American farmers talk about their approach to improving their soil and keeping it healthy. How do the plant, the microbes and the other aspects of soils communicate with each other to create a productive system? "If your soil's healthy, obviously your crop's going to do what it needs to do," says Virginia farmer Heath Cutrell.


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Last Stand (8-Min Version)

Last Stand captures the experiences of growers from four U.S. farm operations who have produced some of the highest corn yields in the nation in recent years. These farmers are seeing just how high their yields can go as they compete in the 2020 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest, despite the obstacles Mother Nature keeps throwing their way. A 20-min version of the film is also available here, or watch the feature-length film at LastStand.ag.

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You'd Never Go Without It

How do you grow a crop that's bigger, greener and healthier? These top growers use Accomplish and Titan in their corn production programs to do just that. Learn how and why these technologies are making an impact. With Kelly Garrett, Don Stall, Heath Cutrell, Kevin Kalb, Connor Sible and Dr. Fred Below.

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The Whole World Can Benefit

Taking care of the land and water is vitally important in farming. Hear how Accomplish and Titan help growers increase their yields in an environmentally friendly way. With growers Kelly Garrett and Kevin Kalb, Nutrien Ag Solutions crop consultant Scott Brinkman, and Connor Sible and Dr. Fred Below from the University of Illinois.

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Prove It to Me (4-Min Version)

Follow five growers in Iowa and Arkansas through the 2015 growing season. Each of the growers uses Accomplish LM, Titan or both as part of their growing program—some for the first time, all with great results. Watch the full film here.

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Building Sustainable Agriculture Programs

Many technologies and practices play a role in helping farmers protect soil and improve water quality. At Black Hawk Lake in Iowa, that's making a difference. Watch the video to learn more—and to see how Accomplish LM is helping.


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Agricen. Based on Nature. Built on Science.

See how Agricen's sustainable plant health technologies help to increase nutrient availability, facilitate nutrient uptake & increase yields.

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Fertilizer Breakdown with Titan XC

Treating dry fertilizer with Titan XC accelerates prill breakdown for rapid nutrient release and improved nutrient uptake by crops. This time-lapse video shows how quickly Titan XC works to break down 9-23-30, 11-52-0 and MESZ fertilizers. 

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Access Your Nutrition

Titan XC is a fertilizer biocatalyst designed to help get the most out of your applied dry fertilizer. Titan XC can be applied with your phosphorus and potash in the spring or fall. Titan XC has a proven track record of performance over a range of geographies, genetics and management systems.

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Reliable ROI

Ron Calhoun, PhD, of Loveland Products explains how Titan XC can deliver reliable ROI across various soils, genetics, cultural practices and geographies. Every acre of Titan XC-treated tons is another acre where growers can realize improved agronomics and profitability.

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