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Joys and Challenges.

Last Stand is a movie about the joys and challenges of being a farmer. You'll see how some of the top corn growers in America faced the challenges of the 2020 growing season—and you'll witness the determination and resilience that makes them great farmers.

Fred_Below_15_Second_Almost Routine


It's Almost Routine.

Only five years ago, Dr. Fred Below and his team at the University of Illinois' Crop Physiology Laboratory would rarely see 300 bushel corn plots in their research. Today, it's almost routine. Dr. Below and his team share their insights.

Don_Stall_15_Second_Improvise Adapt (1)


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Don Stall of Charlotte, Michigan is a champion corn grower and former Marine. The lessons he learned in the Marine Corps are still with him today, helping him face the challenges of being a farmer. Hear more from Don and other top growers in Last Stand.

About Last Stand

What is Last Stand ?

Farmers have a story to tell, and we wanted to capture it. During the 2020 growing season, Agricen sent out a film crew to follow farmers in four different locations across the United States. 

The result is Last Stand, a movie about the joys and challenges of being a farmer.

In the film, you'll get a glimpse into the lives of some of the top growers in the United States during their quest to grow the highest yields they can.

You'll get to see how they strive to succeed during the unusual 2020 growing season—and you'll witness the determination, passion and resilience that make them great farmers. 

Who is in the film? Where can I learn more about them?

Last Stand features grower Don Stall of Charlotte, Michigan, grower Kelly Garrett of Arion, Iowa, grower Heath Cutrell of Chesapeake, Virginia, and growers Kevin and Shawn Kalb of Dubois, Indiana.These farmers have had some of the highest corn yields in the nation in recent years and have used some of Agricen's product technologies to achieve these yields. 

Last Stand also features Dr. Fred Below and Connor Sible from the Crop Physiology Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, crop consultants from Nutrien Ag Solutions and others involved in crop production. 

You can learn more and hear from each of them by watching a trailer.

Where was Last Stand filmed?

Last Stand was filmed during the 2020 growing season in Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Virginia, and Illinois. 

Where can I find information on the products mentioned?

Many of the product technologies that are mentioned in the film are Agricen's biocatalyst technologies for agriculture, which are available exclusively from Loveland Products through Nutrien Ag Solutions

Kelly_Garrett_15_Second_Plant is Secondary


The Plant Is Secondary.

Meet Kelly Garrett of Garrett Land & Cattle. Kelly farms with his father and three sons in Arion, Iowa, where they work cattle and grow corn, soybeans and winter wheat.



Another Footrace.

Meet Heath Cutrell of Cutrell Farms. Heath is a third-generation corn, soybean and wheat grower who farms in Chesapeake, Virginia and right across the state line in North Carolina.

Kevin_Kalb_15_Second_Uneven Stand


That's the Battle.

Meet fourth-generation farmer Kevin Kalb of Kevin Kalb Farms. Kevin farms with his wife and children in Dubois, Indiana, where they produce corn, soybeans and turkeys.

Shawn_Kalb_15_Second_Get along so well


Look Positive.

Meet Shawn Kalb. Shawn manages Kalb Farms with Kevin and their children in Southern Indiana, where they can often be found smashing state and national corn yield records.