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Improving Crop Yields with Starter Programs


Make good starter programs even better. “Improving Crop Yields with Starter Programs” will give growers the information they need to maximize nutrient conversion and uptake from starter fertilizer applications. Learn how incorporating sustainable biochemical technology into starter programs can help speed nutrient release, increase root system growth, facilitate nutrient uptake and improve yield potential. The webinar will also feature University of Minnesota assistant professor and extension specialist Dr. Daniel Kaiser, who will speak about what to expect when banding nutrients with corn seed.


Last Year’s Residue, This Year’s Nutrients


“Last Year’s Residue, This Year’s Nutrients” focused on showing growers how biochemical technology can help accelerate and improve residue breakdown – even in winter weather – and make nutrients more available during the growing season. The webinar also featured Dr. Laura Gentry of the University of Illinois and Illinois Corn Growers Association, who discussed how stover removal in continuous corn systems affects crop nutrient use and nutrient availability.



Maximizing Dry Fertilizer Programs with Titan PBA


“Maximizing Dry Fertilizer Programs,” featuring noted agriculture professor Dr. Fred Below of the University of Illinois, presented the information growers need to maximize P and K fertilizer efficiency and get better first-year nutrient recovery from their dry fertilizer programs.



Getting the Most Out of Your Sidedress Program

After planting, many growers are making decisions about how to manage their sidedress application of nitrogen fertilizer. “Getting the Most Out of Your Sidedress Program” showed growers how to optimize their sidedress N application using the latest in biochemical fertilizer catalyst technology.



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