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Plant Health Technology Platforms


Agricen’s plant health technology platforms can be used to create customized, scalable solutions to improve plant health, quality and productivity. 

Our cutting-edge technologies are based on proprietary biological conversion processes that yield highly active microbial metabolites and other compounds proven to enhance soil and plant function. By utilizing biological extraction, rather than chemical, we are able to offer our customers naturally derived end products with superior functional, handling and compatibility characteristics.

Technology Platforms

Carbon-based technology (CBT) adapts a diverse biological community to leonardite to provide a high content of enzymes and metabolites that accelerate humic and other organic acid benefits in the plant/soil system.

Marine-based technology (MBT) utilizes biological conversion of kelp to deliver superior abiotic stress tolerance and improved plant growth, quality and productivity. Listed for organic use. 
Nutrient-release technology (NRT) is our cornerstone biological technology platform, designed to improve the availability and uptake of a broad range of nutrients.
Phosphorus-based technology (PBT) is designed to improve phosphate utilization for increased phosphate use efficiency, plant growth and plant development. 

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