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NutriLife® - Webinars On Demand

Watch these on-demand webinars from Agricen to learn how NutriLife helps to increase nutrient availability and improve turf performance when used with dry fertilizers.


02-16-webinar-lawn_plain-1New Ideas For Growing Happy Lawns and Healthy Customers

In "New Ideas For Growing Healthy Lawns and Happy Customers," you'll learn more about NutriLife and SoilLife, sustainable fertilizer biocatalysts for turf and ornamental applications. Find out how NutriLife and SoilLife increase nutrient availability and improve plant performance to help you grow healthier lawns.

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Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Technologies for Turf and Ornamentals

During "Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Technologies: Choosing the Right Technology for Your Needs," you'll learn more about different technologies that are available to enhance fertilizer efficiency, including NutriLife, a biochemical fertilizer catalyst that maximizes nutrient conversion and uptake from applied fertilizers and the soil for better root growth and enhanced plant performance. The webinar also features Elizabeth Guertal, PhD, of Auburn University, who reviews the basics of N availability in the soil, different fertilizer technologies–including slow-release fertilizers and fertilizer bioenhancement products–and how to select the right technologies for turfgrass.

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