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Extract PBA - Webinars On Demand

Watch these on-demand webinars to learn how Extract PBA helps growers maximize nutrient release from crop residues.

01-23-Early-Season-Opp-landing-pageEarly Season Opportunities to Enhance Plant Nutrition & Health

During "Early Season Opportunities to Enhance Plant Nutrition & Health," you'll learn how Accomplish MAX and Extract PBA can enhance spring fertility programs to help you maximize crop yield and ROI. Accomplish MAX enhances nutrient availability from banded starter fertilizer blends while protecting the developing crop from abiotic stress, while Extract PBA helps with conversion or recycling of residual nutrients in the soil or in surface crop residues.

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05-22-UAN-Sidedress-webinar-on-demandHow to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields

During "How to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields," you'll learn how to improve the efficiency and efficacy of UAN sidedress applications and how incorporating Extract PBA and Blackmax 22 technologies into sidedress applications can ensure that applied nitrogen is available during peak crop demand.

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03-20-Extract-webinar-landing-pageMaximizing Corn Yields with Extract PBA

During "Maximizing Corn Yields with Extract PBA," you'll learn about the benefits of using Extract Powered by Accomplish® in a broadcast application with a corn pre-emerge herbicide or liquid UAN. You'll hear how Extract PBA can increase nutrient release in the soil to help maximize corn yields (including in continuous corn and corn/soybean rotation practices) and why you should consider using Extract PBA as a management tool for fallow syndrome on prevent plant acres.

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