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Accomplish® LM - Webinars on Demand

Watch these on-demand webinars from Agricen to learn how Accomplish LM helps to increase nutrient availability, improve plant performance and optimize yield potential in starter, sidedress and crop residue applications.


Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields

During "Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields," Brian Cornelious, PhD, of Agricen and Chris Berry of Dow AgroSciences explain how Accomplish LM and Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer can be used as complementary technologies to optimize corn yield and profit potential in a sidedress fertilizer program. 

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Soybean StartUp: Plant Health Benefits from Emergence through Yield

In “Soybean StartUp: Plant Health Benefits from Emergence through Yield,” Brian Cornelious, PhD, of Agricen and Chris Stickler of Loveland Products discuss the benefits of a salt-free soybean starter program with Accomplish LM and Radiate®. These two plant health technologies can be used together to improve early soybean emergence, increase plant vigor, and reduce plant stress for season-long benefits.

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How to Unlock the Value of Your Residue

In “How to Unlock the Value of Your Reside When Every Dollar Counts,” Brian Cornelious, PhD, of Agricen and special guest Laura Gentry, PhD, of the Illinois Corn Growers Association, share why crop residue will play an essential role in the coming growing season – and how you can maximize its value right now. Recent crop residue studies with Accomplish LM are also presented.

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Improving Crop Yields with Starter Programs

In "Improving Crop Yields with Starter Programs," webinar, Brian Cornelious, PhD, of Agricen discusses how to improve crop yields with starter fertility programs and how two sustainable biochemical technologies, Accomplish LM and Titan® PBA, can increase the benefits. The webinar also features Daniel Kaiser, PhD, of the University of Minnesota, who presents an overview of his research on starter fertilizers, including what products to use, what benefits to expect, and how to make starter programs pay off economically.

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