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Press Releases

SoilBuilder Data Presented at Tri-Societies (ASA-CSSA-SSSA) Meeting

AMS biochemical fertilizer catalyst reduces nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions, increases corn yields

PILOT POINT, TX – October 19, 2011 – Advanced Microbial Solutions, LLC
(AMS), an agricultural technology company delivering biochemical solutions for plant nutrition, today announced the presentation of data from two studies on SoilBuilder™, the Company’s base biochemical fertilizer catalyst, at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meetings held October 16th to 19th in San Antonio, TX. AMS Director of Applied Research, Robert Ames, PhD, presented data from a three-year field trial showing that incorporating SoilBuilder AF into an integrated nutrient management program on corn led to reductions in nitrate leaching from soil applications of urea ammonium nitrate, in addition to improvements in nitrogen use efficiency and corn yields.

“This is the first study showing that a biologically based inoculant can reduce nitrate leaching as part of an integrated nutrient management strategy,” said Dr. Ames. “We know from previous studies that SoilBuilder’s benefits are derived from its complex microbial and biochemical components. Each year, we are learning more about the many ways this product technology functions and applying that knowledge to help growers increase their yields more sustainably.”

Data from an independent study conducted by Auburn University was also presented at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA meeting, showing the beneficial effects of SoilBuilder and its metabolite extract on nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from soil fertilized with urea ammonium nitrate 32% N or calcium ammonium nitrate 17% N.

“AMS products are designed to work within existing plant nutrition programs to help growers meet the demands of modern agriculture sustainably—both from an environmental perspective and an economic one,” said Dave Lanciault, CEO of AMS. “In these studies and others, we see that this technology can help enhance fertilizer efficiency, improve the quality of plant nutrition and increase crop yields while reducing the potential for loss of nutrients into the environment. We are very excited about the progress of this research, and where it may take us from here.”

SoilBuilder is derived from a naturally occurring community of microorganisms and their byproducts. It can be integrated into conventional and organic fertilizer programs to enhance plant nutrition, helping growers improve fertilizer efficiency, increase yields, and grow more sustainably. 

About AMS

AMS is an agricultural technology company leading the development of applied, biochemical-based solutions for plant nutrition. AMS helps growers adapt to the rapidly changing demands of agriculture so that they have the most effective tools to improve sustainability and increase yields.


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