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Press Releases

AMS Presents at International Conference on Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria

Fertilizer industry introduced to Company’s biochemical-based approach for enhancing fertilizer efficiency

PILOT POINT, TX – May 17, 2009 – Advanced Microbial Solutions, LLC
(AMS), a leading agricultural technology company, today presented at the 8th International Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria Workshop in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Bob Ames, Senior Vice President of AMS, delivered both an oral presentation and a poster presentation detailing the benefits of AMS products compared to traditional rhizobacteria-based solutions. The benefits of AMS products have been documented by independent university, government and private-contract researchers and include reduction in soil salinity, improved soil structure, improved soil moisture and more efficient crop nutrient uptake.

“In recent years, AMS has significantly advanced the science behind soil amendments by demonstrating the benefits of a complex microbial community for the plant-soil system that can help growers increase yields while better managing soil nutrients and reducing environmental impacts,” said Ames. “The goal of our presentations was to deliver that knowledge to the agriculture industry and demonstrate the benefits of AMS’ products in improving soil function.”

Ames’ oral presentation, “Commercial Microbial Community Fermentation Extracts Improve Fertilizer Use Efficiency, Soil Structure and Irrigation in Farming Systems,” detailed how the benefits of fermentation extracts from a diverse microbial community, such as the product manufactured by AMS, exceed those of typical, more highly targeted rhizobacteria-based applications. The biological and biochemical complexity of the AMS product provides the capability to affect both soil and plant growth functions, reducing total salts and improving plant salt tolerance, reducing soil bulk density and compaction, increasing water penetration and holding capacity, and providing yield increases with a 10-20 percent reduction in fertilizer application.

The poster presentation, “Effects of the Commercial Inoculant SoilBuilder with Organic Fertilizers and the Contribution of Microbial Metabolites to Growth Promotion,” provided data from a study of AMS’ SoilBuilder soil amendment product, consisting of a mixed microbial community together with biologically active microbial metabolites produced during a proprietary fermentation process. The study, conducted by Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University, showed that SoilBuilder was compatible with organic fertilizers and that the capacity of the microbial and metabolite fractions was greater than that of the comparator soil amendments, leading to improved plant growth. 

About AMS

AMS is an agricultural technology company leading the development of applied, biochemical-based solutions for plant nutrition. AMS helps growers adapt to the rapidly changing demands of agriculture so that they have the most effective tools to improve sustainability and increase yields.


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