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[Video Roundup] How Farmers Improve Ag Productivity & Sustainability

Over the past few years, we've posted several agriculture-related videos that showcase the efforts growers are making to implement new products and practices that help them improve ag productivity and sustainability.

5 Ways Biostimulants Contribute to Sustainable Agriculture

Climate change and an increasing population are adding to the pressure on the agricultural sector to provide consumers with sustainable good quality food. In order to meet these consumer needs, farmers must have access to modern technology.

Corn-Beatrice NE
Corn Yield Advantage with Accomplish LM in Nebraska Trial

In the trial, which took place in Beatrice, Nebraska, adding Accomplish LM to the grower's standard fertilizer practice increased corn yield by an average of 13.16 bushels per acre, for a profit of $36.71 per acre.

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Implementing Sustainable Residue Management Practices at Broken O Ranch

Broken O Ranch in Augusta, Montana, is a farming operation that grows wheat, barley, alfalfa, flax, canola and chickpeas on about 12,000 irrigated acres. A big concern at the ranch is how to handle crop residue without burning it. 

Excessive Rainfall as Damaging to Corn Yield as Extreme Heat, Drought

Recent flooding in the Midwest has brought attention to the complex agricultural problems associated with too much rain. Data from the past three decades suggest that excessive rainfall can affect crop yield as much as excessive heat and drought.

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