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Download the Extract PBA Product Booklet

Extract PBA helps growers access the full nutrient value of their fertilizer investment. 🚜 Learn how.

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View Crop Residue Featured Studies

Check out our crop residue studies to see how you can accelerate crop residue breakdown and maximize nutrient release for higher yields.

View Crop Residue Featured Studies

Access the Extract PBA Resource Hub

Discover how Extract PBA can help you get more value out of your fertilizer investment by breaking down residue and recycling nutrients right back into your soil. Access our Extract PBA resources.

Access the Extract PBA Hub

Download the Crop Residue Booklet

Valuable nutrients for next season’s crops are locked up in crop residues, but releasing them can be a challenge. See how you can:

- Speed residue breakdown
- Release valuable nutrients
- Improve nutrient mineralization

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Watch the Video: Everything Is Put Out with Titan XC on It

"The plant is bigger, healthier, taller, fuller." 🌱 Hear what else Illinois farmer Matthew Plumber has to say about using Titan XC, Extract and other Nutrien Ag Solutions products in his fertility program.

Watch the Video

Download the Titan® XC South Dry Fertilizer Booklet

Learn how Titan XC drives yield, efficiency and sustainability in cotton crops. Download our booklet that includes recent cotton data and Auburn University research on root growth with Titan XC.

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Extract PBA Booklet Image
Download the Extract PBA Booklet

Learn how the proven technology in Extract PBA helps growers get more out of their crop fertility programs. 🚜

Download the Booklet

Watch Last Stand

In 2020, we had a film crew on the ground capturing the experience of multiple top producers during a historic year. Faced with punishing weather and other challenges, did they maintain or lose top yield? 🌧️ Find out by watching Last Stand.

Watch Last Stand

Fall Dry Fertilizer Booklet
Download the Fall Dry Fertilizer Booklet

How can growers get better first-year nutrient recovery out of their fall P & K fertilizer applications?

Download the Booklet

Download the Accomplish MAX™ Cotton Study

Discover how Accomplish MAX improved cotton yield in this trial from Arkansas. 📈

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Download the Titan XC Cotton Bulletin

See how Titan XC can be used to improve cotton yields by viewing the results of these trials from Arkansas, Mississippi and North Carolina.

Download the Bulletin

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