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Plant Health Content Hub

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Download the "Extract Makes Corn" Bulletin

With uncertainties in the market, the ability to increase corn yields in a cost-efficient way is more important than ever. 🌽 Learn more about Extract PBA and how it can help growers "make more corn."

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Download the Titan XC Fertilizer Prill Breakdown Study

Download the fertilizer prill study to see how Titan XC enhances the breakdown of fertilizer granules to maximize the return on your dry fertilizer investment.

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Download the Fall Dry Fertilizer Booklet

Many growers apply dry phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizers in the fall to maintain or build soil nutrient levels for the next growing season. 🌱 How can they get better first-year nutrient recovery out of their fall fertilizer application? Download the booklet to learn more:

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Download the Biocatalyst Technology FAQ Booklet

Accomplish LM, Extract PBA and Titan XC are innovative biocatalysts that increase nutrient availability and improve plant performance, helping growers get more out of their fertilizer investments. Learn more by downloading our biocatalyst technology FAQ booklet.

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Download the Titan XC Product Booklet

Titan XC is an innovative fertilizer biocatalyst that increases nutrient availability and improves plant performance. Learn how the proven technology in Titan XC helps growers release more nutrition for their crops.

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Download the Understanding Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Booklet

Soil microbes and the biochemical compounds they produce play a major role in nutrient release, influencing plant growth, health, and nutrition. Download our booklet for additional insights.

Download the Booklet

Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields

After planting, growers must continue making critical decisions to ensure a good harvest. 🌽 Download the booklet to get tips on how the right timing and the right technologies can optimize sidedress nitrogen applications and maximize corn yield.

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Extract PBA Sidedress Study on Corn

See these sidedress trial results to learn how Extract PBA can help growers increase corn yields when used in a sidedress program. 🌽

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Corn Yields Webinar
[Watch] Maximizing Corn Yields with Extract PBA

Watch our latest on-demand webinar, "How to Maximize Corn Yields with Extract PBA." 🌽 Learn how you can increase nutrient release in the soil to help maximize corn yields, manage fallow syndrome on prevent plant acres, and more.

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Maritime Booklet
Download the Maritime Kelp Technology Booklet

The new Maritime booklet is now available! 🙌 Maritime increases nutrient and plant functioning to give growers unmatched seed germination, plant growth, and nutrient uptake.

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[Watch] Opportunities to Influence Early Season Crop Health

Watch our on-demand webinar, "Opportunities to Influence Early Season Crop Health." 🌱Discover how to optimize early-season crop health and learn about the plant health technologies that will help maximize yield outcomes.

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Biocatalyst Technologies a Good Match with Poultry Manures and Litters

[Corn Trial Data] 🌽See how #biocatalyst technologies maximized nutrient release from poultry #manures so more nutrients were available faster to the crop, leading to higher corn yields.

Download the Study

[Watch] Overcoming Crop Stress & Improving Crop Quality with Kelp Science Innovations

Check out our latest on-demand webinar to learn more about the important role of #kelp technologies in agricultural production.

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Taking a “Feed the Plant” Approach to Growing High-Yield Corn

Do you want to access the full nutrient value of your fertilizer investment? 👍 Check out our booklet so you can see how Extract PBA helps growers get more out of their crop fertility programs.

Download the Booklet

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Watch Our Film: Prove it to Me

Watch the movie, "Prove It to Me," to follow 5 growers through a growing season. 🚜 Each of these growers uses Accomplish LM, Titan or both as part of their program. Watch the video to see the results. 🏆

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Download the Biocatalyst Technology FAQ Guide

Accomplish LM, Extract PBA and Titan XC are innovative biocatalysts that increase nutrient availability and improve plant performance, helping growers get more out of their fertilizer investments. Learn more by downloading our biocatalyst technology FAQ guide.

Download the Booklet

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Watch the Webinar: How to Reduce the Risk of Fallow Syndrome on Prevent Plant Acres

With 19.4 million prevent plant acres, growers who plant on these acres next season could face the risk of fallow syndrome. Watch the webinar on how to reduce the risk of fallow syndrome.

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Access the Titan XC Hub

Titan XC “unlocks” applied nutrients to make them available faster, so that your crops get more of the nutrition they need. Check out our Titan XC content hub to see studies, get product information, and watch our latest videos.

Access the Titan XC Hub

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Access the Extract PBA with Corn, Soybean & Wheat Study (Multi-state)

Do you want to see how how #ExtractPBA helps #growers improve corn, soybean and wheat yields by increasing nutrient release from crop residues and the soil? Download a summary of trial results! 👉

Download the Study

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[Trial Data] Extract PBA Brings in Big Returns on Two Crops in One Year

Check out this trial in Indiana! 👏 Extract PBA brought in big returns on two crops in the same year.

Download the Exclusive Sidedress Booklet

After planting, growers must continue making critical management decisions to ensure a good harvest. 🌱One important decision is how to manage the sidedress application of nitrogen fertilizer. Download the booklet to learn about sidedress-enhancing product technologies.

Download the Booklet

extract every nutrient counts
Get Your Extract PBA Questions Answered with Our FAQ Guide

Questions on Extract PBA? We're here to help! 👍 Access our FAQ guide to see how you can get more out of your crop fertility programs.

Access the Guide

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Titan XC Adding Value to Indiana Corn Program

A recent check-in on a 🌽 trial shows that Titan XC is adding value to the grower's standard corn program, resulting in bigger roots, plants and stalks where Titan XC-treated fertilizer was used. 🏆See the results!

Ag Data and Technology Image
Ag Data and Technology Are Not on Pace to Replace the Trusted Adviser

The availability of information and access to tools that provide farmers more insight into their operations provides us the opportunity to step up our game … to be more focused on the professional services we provide that truly add value.

Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Social Image
Download the Exclusive "Understanding Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry" Booklet

How do soil microbes influence plant health, growth and nutrition? Download the booklet to get a complete overview of soil microbiology and biochemistry including: the role of soil microorganisms, biochemical interactions in the soil-plant system, and more.

Download the Booklet

[Trial Data] Titan XC Proves Agronomic Benefit in Cotton, Corn & Soybeans

Results from cotton, corn and soybean trials conducted in North Carolina and Virginia show how Titan XC can optimize yield potential by enhancing the availability of applied P&K within an annual cropping cycle.

Growing for the Future Booklet Social Image
Download the Exclusive "Growing for the Future" Booklet

Download our "Growing for the Future" booklet to learn about innovations in plant health and nutrition that are playing a key role in ensuring that growers can sustainably meet future food demands while remaining economically productive.

Download the Booklet

How Will Late Planting Affect Crop Diseases?

Most Illinois producers are behind in getting corn and soybeans into the ground this year as a result of persistent rains and cool temperatures.

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[Video Roundup] How Farmers Improve Ag Productivity & Sustainability

Over the past few years, we've posted several agriculture-related videos that showcase the efforts growers are making to implement new products and practices that help them improve ag productivity and sustainability.

5 Ways Biostimulants Contribute to Sustainable Agriculture

Climate change and an increasing population are adding to the pressure on the agricultural sector to provide consumers with sustainable good quality food. In order to meet these consumer needs, farmers must have access to modern technology.

Corn-Beatrice NE
Corn Yield Advantage with Accomplish LM in Nebraska Trial

In the trial, which took place in Beatrice, Nebraska, adding Accomplish LM to the grower's standard fertilizer practice increased corn yield by an average of 13.16 bushels per acre, for a profit of $36.71 per acre.

blog.agricen.comhubfswheat after harvest
Implementing Sustainable Residue Management Practices at Broken O Ranch

Broken O Ranch in Augusta, Montana, is a farming operation that grows wheat, barley, alfalfa, flax, canola and chickpeas on about 12,000 irrigated acres. A big concern at the ranch is how to handle crop residue without burning it. 

Excessive Rainfall as Damaging to Corn Yield as Extreme Heat, Drought

Recent flooding in the Midwest has brought attention to the complex agricultural problems associated with too much rain. Data from the past three decades suggest that excessive rainfall can affect crop yield as much as excessive heat and drought.

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