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Plant Health Content Hub

Download the Titan XC Product Booklet

Discover how the proven technology in Titan XC helps growers release more nutrition for their crops.

Download the Booklet

Download the MARITIME® & TERRAMAR™ Soybean Study

See how the marine-based technology in Maritime and Terramar helped improve soybean yields in this Nebraska trial.

Download the Study

Download the TERRAMAR™ Corn & Soybean Study (Drought Stress)

Learn how the marine-based technology in Terramar can increase tolerance to drought stress and improve corn and soybean yields by viewing these trials from Kansas and Indiana.

Download the Study


Whole World Can Benefit Video
Watch the Video - The Whole World Can Benefit

The Whole World Can Benefit, one of Agricen's short farming videos, took home a Bronze Telly Award this year. 👏 The Tellys honor excellence in video and television across all screens.Watch the winning video.

Watch the Video

Knowledge Base
Visit the New FAQ Knowledge Base

Get your questions answered about biocatalyst technologies and our products with our brand new FAQ Knowledge Base.

Visit the Knowledge Base

Growing for the Future Header Image
Download the Growing for the Future Booklet

Innovations in plant health and nutrition play a key role in ensuring that growers can meet future food demands while also remaining economically productive. 🌱 Download the Growing for the Future booklet to see how ag biologicals and biostimulants can make existing practices more efficient and sustainable.

Download the Booklet

Download the Accomplish MAX™ Cotton Study

Discover how Accomplish MAX improved cotton yield in this trial from Arkansas. 📈

Download the Study


Titan-cotton-Sell-Sheet-1200x628 (1)
Download the Titan XC Cotton Bulletin

See how Titan XC can be used to improve cotton yields by viewing the results of these trials from Arkansas, Mississippi and North Carolina.

Download the Bulletin

Download the Accomplish MAX Booklet

Learn how the proven technology in Accomplish MAX can help you get more out of your crop fertility program with "More Nutrients, Less Stress."

Download the Booklet

Download the Accomplish MAX™ Corn Study (Iowa)

See how Accomplish MAX improved corn yield in this trial from Iowa. 🌽

Download the Study

Download the MARITIME® and TERRAMAR™ Permanent Crops Booklet

Learn more about the benefits of Maritime and Terramar, two innovative technologies that can be used with permanent crops like almonds.

Download the Booklet

Download the Accomplish MAX™ Salt Stress Bulletin

Learn about using Accomplish MAX to enhance crop tolerance to salt stress. 🌱

Download the Bulletin

[Video] Better Root Development in a High Salinity Environment

Since Maritime is developed from kelp, it's especially effective in high-salinity environments. As you'll see in this time-lapse video, the roots of plants grown with Maritime in a high salinity environment are straighter, longer and thicker.

Watch the Video

Accomplish MAX Image
Agriculture Products - Accomplish MAX™

Learn more about Accomplish MAX, a new technology formulated to enhance liquid starter programs by giving you "More Nutrients, Less Stress" in corn, cotton, soybeans and more. 👏

Learn About Accomplish MAX

Last Stand Image
Watch Last Stand

Farming requires resilience and determination to succeed. Last Stand, a film from Agricen, follows some of America's top farmers as they try to grow the highest corn yields possible in a very challenging season. 🌱 Watch the film:

Watch Last Stand

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