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Media Coverage


December 2022

Successful Farming - "XtremeAg Farmers Dig into 2022 Growing Season Data"

"Our stress mitigation trials with... Agricen’s Terramar... all delivered nice yield gains as well. This year was a real test for stress mitigation products as the heat was on pretty much all season...At XtremeAg, we are fortunate enough to be able to trial all these plant heath and stress mitigation products and I encourage everyone take a look at these plant health and stress mitigation products for next season. We are spending a lot of money on fertility, and we need to be looking at plant health and stress mitigation products to get the most out of our fertility products."


No-Till Farmer - "Iowa No-Tiller Highlighted in New Agricen Documentary"

Last Standa new documentary from Agricen focusing on the challenging 2020 cropping season, features several corn growing champs, including no-tiller Kelly Garrett of Arion, Iowa. “We planted a high population to try to take a shot, and it’s more susceptible to wind. We thought that we had a shot at something special, and Mother Nature took it,” Garrett says after a storm devastated his contest plot. The 20-minute documentary also features National No-Tillage Conference favorite Dr. Fred Below from the University of Illinois.


October 2022

Successful Farming - "Harvest, Hurricanes and Another Season's Lessons"

"...As the leaves drop on the beans, we can really see the benefits of our stress mitigation trials. The areas where we did not apply products like...Accomplish MAX are showing a lot of aborted pods and much smaller bean sizes. We were not as dry as some other areas, but I wouldn’t characterize this year as anywhere near normal when it comes to precipitation. It was a tough year for all crops, but we learned a few things about mitigating stress that will become standard practice for our farm next season."


September 2022

XtremeAg - "Seaweed as a Crop Input?"

With several of the XtremeAg guys trialing seaweed-derived crop inputs, it was time to sit down and discuss kelp technology in farming. In short, seaweed helps crops because it thrives in cold, dark, salty environments and it’s good at it — kelp has been in the oceans for millennia! Brian Cornelius, Director of Applied Sciences with Agricen explains the stress mitigation benefits of seaweed.  


AgriNews - "Soil Microbiology 101: 10 Benefits of Soil Microorganisms"

A free soil microbiology booklet from Agricen is available for farmers who want to brush up on soil science basics. The booklet details how soil microbes and the compounds they produce influence plant growth, health and nutrition.


June 2022

Successful Farming - "High Heat Brings Added Crop Stress"

Above normal temperatures have Kelly Garrett, Matt Miles, and Kevin Matthews doing everything they can do reduce crop stress and preserve yields. Garrett: "I began this season by saying that I was going to be focusing on two main areas. The first was finding a product that would help us break down the heavy no-till residue that is left in the field each fall. We are still experimenting with a few products including ...Agricen’s Extract to determine which one is the best fit for our no-till environment."


March 2022

Successful Farming - "Early Planting Raises Yield Potential, But Adds Risks"

Kelly Garrett farms corn, soybeans, and winter wheat in western Iowa. "My focus this year is going to be on reducing stress levels on the plant...We are planning on using products from Agricen and AgXplore in-furrow to help reduce stress caused by the potential for colder weather that comes with an early planting...We are working with Iowa State, Netafim, Nutradrip, and Agricen to run a trial on stress mitigation through our drip irrigation using Agricen’s stress mitigation. We think this research could be groundbreaking for farmers."


February 2022

The Future. Faster Podcast - "Fertilizer Enhancers: Maximizing Sustainability and Fertility, with Brian Cornelious from Agricen"

When you look at a grower's fertility program, we think we have technologies that can be bolted onto what the grower is already doing...His dry fertilizer, that's going to be a Titan XC application and he doesn't have to do anything extra to get that application to work for him other than say, "Yes, I want to put Titan XC on my dry fertilizer." From an accomplished standpoint and we're transitioning from the traditional Accomplish LM to Accomplish MAX. It's our new technology offering for that in-furrow application....It just basically boils down to having technologies that fit what a grower is already doing. 


January 2022

Renewable Farming - "7 Ways to Shave Fertilizer and Chemical Costs for 2022 Corn and Beans"

For an excellent description of the residue-conversion process in your fields, I recommend this recorded webinar produced by Agricen, a Texas firm that produces biological and nutrient products for crops...The main technical speaker is Dr. Dale Leikam, President of the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation. He describes the potential and the pitfalls of converting crop stover into plant-available nutrients. Agricen also produced a quick-reading PDF describing their residue-digesting product, Accomplish LM.