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Media Coverage


December 2021

XtremeAg - "Releasing Fertility Within Residue Through Biologicals"

As fertilizer prices skyrocket, it’s more important than ever to harvest nutrients already in your fields for your next harvest. Not to mention the importance of proper residue management — too much residue prevents solid seed-to-soil contact come next planting.  Biological products such as Extract maximize nutrient release from residue while also breaking down that residue. Brian Cornelious and Steve Sexton from Agricen join XtremeAg farmer Kelly Garrett to discuss the results they’re seeing. 


November 2021

XtremeAg - "Using Stress Mitigation Technologies to Maximize Return"

Stress on crops comes from three areas: cold, drought, and salt.  Combine those stressors over a growing season and the bushels lost to stress add up. So, what can you do to reduce crop stress?  Kelly plans to apply Accomplish MAX — Agricen’s newest in-furrow product for corn, soybeans, cotton, and wheat.

Successful Farming - "Lessons from 2021 Growing Season Drive 2022 Decisions"

Finished with harvest, XtremeAg’s Kelly Garrett...[turns his] attention to applying this season’s key learnings..."We are continuing to gather all the data from the yield trials we did for XtremeAg. In particular, we are excited to dive into the trial results for the stress mitigation products we   from Agricen... We learned a lot this year when it comes to crop stress – and it seems like every year is bringing more crop stress. Our focus for the 2022 growing season will be on stress reduction, as we feel it will become more of an issue each season."

Successful Farming - "Harvesting Crops and Knowledge for 2022"

A fifth-generation farmer, Kelly Garrett farms corn, soybeans, and winter wheat in western Iowa. "I’m really impressed with the data we are getting back from our stress mitigation trials. We are seeing a real yield boost in our...Agricen trials. This season put the stress mitigation products to the test in a big way. Next year one of our key focuses will be applying these products on most of our acres based on the success we had with them this year."


October 2021

Agrinews - "Maximize Dry Fertilizer Efficiency"

Maximizing dry fertilizer efficiency can enhance yields. “The problem we’re trying to solve is — how do we increase nutrient availability and nutrient efficiency above and beyond what we’re getting with just fertilizer alone?” said Tim Sickman, manager of Loveland Research Farm, during a webinar hosted by Agricen. “We’ve got to get the fertilizer broken down so that natural system can convert it or release it in the form that the plant is going to use.” Products like Titan XC help expedite that conversion or breakdown.

Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network - "Utilizing Titan XC in Your Field Work This Fall"

Once farmers in Iowa wrap up this year’s harvest, the work isn’t quite done. Many growers will finish up with field work this fall. According to Scott Lay, senior director of commercial operations for Agricen, a division of Nutrien Ag Solutions, growers are looking to maximize their investment as fertilizer prices move higher. He tells IARN that’s where their product Titan XC can help.

Hoosier Ag Today - "Getting the Most Out of Your Dry Fertilizer"

As combines roll through fields this fall, one of the first decisions for farmers regarding next year’s crop results relate to dry fertilizer. With fertilizer prices surging, growers are trying to find ways to maximize their investment. Scott Lay, Senior Director of Commercial Operations for Agricen, a division of Nutrien Ag Solutions, says that’s where Titan XC comes into play. 

Successful Farming - "As Harvest '21 Is Nearly Done, Uncertainty Looms for 2022"

XtremeAg farmers Matt Miles, Kelly Garrett, and Kevin Matthews see positive yield and ROI due to intensive crop management programs, but concerns are already mounting about the coming year. Kelly Garrett: "We also used a few stress mitigation products from...Agricen that really helped the crop get through those tougher times. We should see a nice yield bump in these fields as a result, and most importantly a positive yield bump."

September 2021

XtremeAg - "Biologicals to Make P&K More Available"

Savvy farmers understand the need to squeeze every penny out of their input dollars. Biological products like TitanXC — a fertilizer coating — do just that by making P&K more available for crops. Studies show that as much as 60% of your P goes unutilized. Can you afford to let that much of your purchase go unused? Brian and Steve from Agricen join Iowa producer Kelly Garrett to discuss the science and the financial return.

Cover Crop Strategies Product Showcase - "Titan XC by Agricen"

As a grower, you want your dry fertilizer to work as efficiently as possible to get the most out of your investment. With Titan® XC on your dry fertilizer this fall, more of your applied nutrients will be available to your crop come spring to help drive yield, innovation and sustainability on every acre.

Titan XC on dry fertilizer is a sound agronomic practice that provides a long-term benefit to the health and productivity of your farm. Applied on over 50 million acres since introduction, Titan XC utilizes unique biochemistry to increase nutrient availability and enhance the efficiency of your dry fertilizer.