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Media Coverage


March 2020

AgriNews - "Idle Acres at Risk: Fallow Syndrome Reduces Soil Health"

A record 19.4 million acres nationwide were without row crops last growing season due to poor planting conditions and those left fallow are at risk in 2020 without the proper management practices. Brian Cornelious, Agricen director of applied sciences, said unplanted acres are susceptible to fallow syndrome — primarily defined as a phosphorous deficiency — that reduces an important fungi in the soil. 


CropLife - "Regulatory Harmony Tops Most Pressing Issues for Biostimulants Market"

John Wolf, Senior Director of Innovation, Agricen [says] “An important issue for the biostimulant industry is centered on the science. As an industry, we need to continue to develop and mature the science around this segment to allow us to deliver more prescriptive solutions to growers...Today’s companies are using science and technology to formulate biostimulants that can induce superior plant responses with greater nutrient-use efficiency and sustainability.”