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Media Coverage


October 2019

CropLife - "How Biologicals Offer Opportunity Amid Tough Year in Agriculture"

With 2019 certainly qualifying as one of the tougher years for agriculture, the immediate future may be bright for makers of somewhat less conventional products, such as biologicals....John Wolf, Senior Director of Innovation, Agricen (Plano, TX) [says] “There are still big regulatory questions related to biologicals and biostimulants. Where do they fit? How are we defining them? How should they be regulated at the federal and state levels? All of these questions are actively under discussion right now among the government, industry, and other stakeholders."

March 2019

CropLife - "Biostimulants Raring for Regulation"

Eighteen manufacturers, upon being asked to name their most pressing concern, almost unanimously cite the absence of a legal definition of plant biostimulants...John Wolf, Senior Director of Innovation, Agricen (Plano, TX) [says] “The 2018 Farm Bill was an important milestone in creating a process to reach standards for biostimulant technology, but much more effort remains ahead to reach a consensus on national requirements.”