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Media Coverage 2014


December 2014

Farm Industry News – “Unlocking Valuable Crop Residue”

A liquid formulation for broadcast and starter applications, Accomplish LM is generally applied postharvest or in early spring at a rate of 2 quarts per acre, with 1 to 2 gallons of nitrogen and 8 gallons of water as a residue management application. The product also can be applied in season with sidedress applications.


November 2014

Ag Professional – “Target Nutrient Use Efficiency in 2015″

Totora says Titan PBA can be applied in the fall to improve performance of dry fertilizers in the soil system and provide plant nutrition for the following season. The goal of the product’s use is to help ensure higher first-year recovery of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) by the plant.


September 2014

Chemical & Engineering News – “Growing Profits with Microbes”

Agricen, which recently sold a controlling interest in itself to fertilizer maker Agrium, markets microbially derived products that aid fertilizer uptake in crops and enhance plant vitality. “It’s not necessarily the microbes doing the heavy work, but the bioproducts they produce,” explains Brian Cornelious, director of applied sciences at Agricen.

Calgary Herald – “Calgary’s Agrium Buys Agricen”

Calgary-based Agrium Inc. has acquired a controlling interest in American agricultural biotechnology company Agricen. Under the terms of the deal, completed through Agrium subsidiary Loveland Products, Agricen – which manufactures two of Loveland’s plant nutrition brands – will operate as a Loveland Products subsidiary under its existing name.

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SeedWorld – “Biological Break Down: Biologicals 101″

Agricen, a Loveland Products Company, refers to agricultural biologicals as a diverse group of products derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, plant extracts or other organic matter.


August 2014

Green Futures Magazine – “New biochemical techniques could transform land usage”

Agricen, for instance, boasts of using its fermentation process to generate a “diverse community of microorganisms and their biochemical byproducts”, such as enzymes and organic acids, which interact with the soil system to increase the availability and uptake of nutrients from fertilisers.


May 2014

CropLife – “Webinar To Address Role of Sidedress Nitrogen in Corn Nutrient Needs”

The Webinar will prepare growers to enhance their nitrogen use efficiency by making a sidedress application at the right time and with the right technologies.


March 2014

SeedQuest – “A Look at Titan PBA from Rocking Z Acres in Wessington, South Dakota” 

On a trip last year to visit the soybean fields at Rocking Z Acres in Wessington, South Dakota, Agricen’s Director of Strategic Relations, Nathan Cross, strapped on a GoPro camera and headed into the field to examine how a starter application of Titan PBA is working at the farm.


February 2014

Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board – “Residue Management – An Addendum” 

The touted advantages that result from using [Accomplish LM] include increased nutrient release and availability from crop residues, increased soil nitrate level and thus more available N, increased soil P and K levels, decreased soil C:N ratio, and improved corn and soybean yields.

Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor – “Starter Fertilizer Webinar Invitation”

Agricen invites farmers, crop consultants and others interested in learning about the value of starter fertilizers to yield potential.


January 2014

AgFax – “New Product Speeds Up Nutrient Release in Corn Residue”

Accomplish LM technology is a proprietary blend of microbially derived biochemicals that enhance and emulate what microbes naturally do in the soil.

DTN/The Progressive Farmer – “Recycling Nutrients: Corn Stover Chemistry” 

Agricen, a Loveland Products Company, has introduced Accomplish LM, a biochemical product that speeds up nutrient release when sprayed over the top of crop residue.

AgriNews – “Ag Chemical Helps Maximize Nutrient Release in Corn”

A new biochemical additive could help farmers optimize nutrient release in soils, leading to higher yields in corn.