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Agricen Presents Last Stand

Watch the Last Stand Trailer


See the full film at laststand.ag

Meet the Last Stand Growers

Don Stall
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Don_Stall_15_Second_Improvise Adapt

Kelly Garrett
The Plant Is Secondary

Kelly_Garrett_15_Second_Plant is Secondary (1)


Heath Cutrell
Hurricane After Hurricane

Heath_Cutrell_15_Second_Hurricane (1)


Kevin Kalb
That's Why We Run Accomplish

Kevin_Kalb_15_Second_Uneven Stand (1)


Shawn Kalb
Look Positive 

Shawn_Kalb_15_Second_Get along so well (1)


Don Stall
Not a Good Scenario

Don_Stall_15_Second_Cold Rain


Kelly Garrett
You'd Never Go Without It

Kelly_Garrett_15_Second_Bigger Greener


Heath Cutrell
Stay Up at the Top

Heath_Cutrell_15_Second_Pretty Blues


Meet Dr. Fred Below of the University of Illinois

Dr. Fred Below
Capture the Essence



Dr. Fred Below
It's Almost Routine

Fred_Below_15_Second_Almost Routine-1


Watch the Full Film at laststand.ag.

Watch Last Stand