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Products for Agriculture


Agricen’s products for agriculture are designed to make existing plant nutrition practices more efficient and sustainable. Our products maximize the availability of nutrients from fertilizers and soil nutrient sources, while also facilitating nutrient uptake by plants, for greater plant performance, quality and yield potential.  

Tested and proven in trials performed by major universities, the USDA and other third-parties, our products perform over a broad range of plant species, soil types, application methods and grower practices, including certified organic and conventional production practices. Growers who use our products generally see improved plant performance, higher yield responses and increased fertilizer efficiency, year after year.

Agriculture Product Line

Accomplish LM is formulated for use with liquid applications. Suitable for conventional and organic growing operations. Learn more
Accomplish MAX
Accomplish MAX is formulated for liquid starter and sidedress applications to provide "More Nutrients, Less Stress." Learn more.
Extract PBA is specifically formulated to maximize nutrient release from crop residues and the soil. Learn more.
Maritime is a soluble, biologically extracted kelp product that augments a balanced crop nutrition system. Learn more.
Titan XC is specifically formulated for use with dry fertilizer blends. Learn more.
SoilBuilder-logo-final (1)

SoilBuilder is formulated for use with liquid applications. Suitable for both conventional and organic farming. Learn more.


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