Growers need cost-effective technologies that improve sustainability, productivity and efficiency. Agricen is delivering a new generation of agricultural products—ones derived from biological and biochemical sources—to help them meet these challenges.


Agricen’s products are innovative biochemical fertilizer catalysts that enhance the performance of fertilizers in the soil system. They help growers get the most out of their plant nutrition programs by:

  • Improving nutrient availability and uptake
  • Enhancing nutrient use efficiency
  • Promoting better root growth and development
  • Improving plant performance
  • Increasing crop yield

With consistent performance over a broad range of plant types, soil types and application methods, our products are designed to work within a grower’s established fertilizer program and can easily be incorporated into prevailing growing practices—both conventional and organic—without a special trip to the field. Growers who incorporate our tools into their programs generally see improved yield responses and reduced fertilizer losses, year after year.


The Agricen product suite currently includes:



SoilBuilder is specifically formulated for use with liquid fertilizer and broadcast applications. Suitable for both conventional and certified organic growing operations.


NutriLife is specifically formulated for impregnation on dry fertilizers. Can also be pre-blended or tank mixed with liquid fertilizer products in the pH range of five to nine. For turf and ornamental applications.


Agricen’s products are also distributed under the Accomplish® LM and Titan® PBA product lines by Loveland Products (a subsidiary of Crop Production Services):


Accomplish LM is specifically formulated for use with liquid fertilizer and broadcast applications.


Titan PBA is specifically formulated for use with dry blends.



Please follow instructions carefully.
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Accomplish® and Titan® are registered trademarks of Loveland Products, Inc.

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