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01-17-Extract-webinar-art-archive-2.jpgA New Perspective on Soybean Yield Improvement 

Find out how to give the best possible start to your soybean crop and maximize your yield potential this season. In "A New Perspective on Soybean Yield Improvement, " you'll learn why soybeans might need more nutrition than you think, what role existing nutrients in the soil and residue can play in meeting soybean nutritional needs, and how pairing your soybean pre-emerge herbicide with a nutrient release product can contribute to greater yield opportunities. Alison M. Vogel from the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois joins as our guest speaker.

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Introducing the New Titan XC

Titan XC, an innovative fertilizer biocatalyst specifically formulated for use with dry fertilizers, is the key to quick release and uptake of vital plant nutrients. In "Introducing the New Titan XC", you'll learn how the unique and concentrated biochemistry in Titan XC can help growers maximize the return on their dry fertilizer investments.

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