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New Agricen Webinar Gives Growers Tips for Reducing Fallow Syndrome Risk on Prevent Plant Acres

Several tools, including biostimulant ones, can help growers be more productive on fields left fallow

Plano, TX – November 22, 2019  – Agricen, a plant health technology company, offers tips to growers with prevent plant acres in a new, on-demand webinar, “How to Reduce the Risk of Fallow Syndrome on Prevent Plant Acres.”

With an estimated 19.4 million prevent plant acres in the United States in 2019, growers who plant on these acres in the spring could face the risk of fallow syndrome, a soil phosphorus deficiency associated with fallow soils. The webinar, which can be accessed by visiting Agricen's webinar page, will help growers learn more, including:

  • What is fallow syndrome and who is at risk?
  • How does fallow syndrome impact yield opportunities for 2020?
  • What tools are available for reducing fallow syndrome risk on prevent plant acres?

“When you have soil left fallow for an extended period of time, changes in the soil’s biology can lead to fallow syndrome,” says Brian Cornelious, PhD, Director of Applied Sciences at Agricen. “Corn is most at risk next season, but growers have options and tools for reducing the risk.”

One new option the webinar discusses is EXTRACT Powered by Accomplish® (“Extract”), a biostimulant tool that helps release bound soil nutrients so that they are accessible to the next crop. In a recent study, phosphorus and zinc availability increased by over 30 percent with Extract in fallow soil compared to no treatment.

About Agricen

Agricen, a plant health technology company based in Plano, Texas, delivers biochemical-based products that sustainably enhance plant health, nutrition and performance. We help growers meet the demands of modern agriculture by providing effective tools that increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve fertilizer efficiency and optimize yield potential. www.agricen.com

EXTRACT Powered by Accomplish® is a registered trademark of Loveland Products, Inc. Please check State Registration to make sure product is registered in your state. Available from Nutrien Ag Solutions.


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