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Agricen to Host New Webinar Focused on Extracting Nutrients from Crop Residue in the Spring

Webinar will feature guest speaker Dr. Dale Leikam of the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation 

Frisco, TX – February 4, 2016 - Agricen, a Loveland Products Company, will host "Extracting Nutrients from Residue in Spring for Higher Fall Yields," a complimentary webinar being held on Thursday, February 11 at 8 am and 11 am CT. The webinar will feature guest speaker Dale Leikam, PhD, President of the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation.

Webinar topics will include the management of residue in different cropping systems, different factors affecting residue decomposition, nutrient release and immobilization, and the benefits of Extract Powered by Accomplish™ (Extract PBA) in spring residue applications. Extract PBA is Loveland Products’ new biocatalyst for nutrient release from crop residues and can be applied in the fall after harvest or in spring, including with pre-emerge herbicide applications.

Webinar participants will:

  • Find out why growers need to manage residue in different cropping systems - including no-till and conventional tillage
  • Understand what factors affect residue decomposition, nutrient immobilization and nutrient release - from C:N ratios and temperature to moisture and microbes
  • Learn how a spring residue application of Extract PBA benefits growers by releasing nutrients for the coming crop

Growers, crop consultants and others interested in nutrient release applications can register for this free webinar by visiting Agricen's webinar page.

"In the spring, there is still a tremendous opportunity for growers to take advantage of the nutrients locked in crop residues. By releasing those nutrients, they can maximize their nutrient efficiency—which is critical anytime, but especially when facing potentially tight margins,” said Michael Totora, President and CEO of Agricen. “Enhanced nutrient release from residues typically comes with other benefits as well, including improvements in plant performance and potential yield gains. During the webinar, we’ll discuss all of this, as well as how Extract PBA can be used as a cost effective technology to optimize nutrient release from crop residues in the spring.”

About Agricen

Agricen, a Loveland Products Company, is a plant health technology company delivering biochemical-based products that efficiently and sustainably enhance plant health and nutrition. Agricen’s proven biocatalyst technology is available in three of Loveland Products’ fastest growing brands, Accomplish® LM, Extract Powered by Accomplish™ and Titan® PBA, which help to increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve sustainability, optimize plant performance and maximize yield potential. 

Extract Powered by Accomplish is a trademark of Loveland Products, Inc.


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