Science and Research

Agricen has established itself as a leader in the field of biochemical fertilizer solutions. Emphasizing an applied-science approach, we have extensively tested – and proven – our product capabilities in large-scale crop production in the field. At the same time, our ongoing research and development programs are yielding new insights for crop nutrition, soil science and nutrient management.


The Agricen science team and university collaborators are garnering attention for their innovative use of novel biochemical technology to solve some of the greatest challenges facing modern agriculture. Our goal is to help growers economically and sustainably improve their productivity to meet the needs of a growing world.
The biochemical pathways and mechanisms that influence the soil-plant system are extraordinarily complex. At Agricen, we have tasked ourselves with the challenge of unraveling this ecosystem to discover potential new applications for agriculture. Each new discovery helps us support growers through the development of practical and effective biochemical tools that enhance fertilizer efficiency, improve sustainability, and increase yields. As an acknowledged leader in this field, our passion is to move the science of fertilizer biochemistry out of its infancy and into advanced applications for growers.


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